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Network design & Installation

Amex integrates different platforms to allow you to operate and use your existing technologies. Installation of multiple software packages can be complicated. We’ll setup your PCs and programs so they can exist in harmony.
We’ll install networks, upgrade existing ones or solve conflict problems. Our team of professionals gets to know your business and has the expertise to develop systems, software and network solutions to improve the way you work. Save time by printing, storing, and opening files on other computers directly from your desktop. Coordinate with staff more efficiently with electronic scheduling. Can’t get to the office? Use your laptop to get into the network or exchange documents via e-mail. Protect your data with automatic backup systems and virus protection.

Technical Support

Clients may have only a low-level need for expert services. We have tailored a program specifically for clients whose needs are very light or intermittent. Remote Services Value Package (R.S.V.P.) offers the convenience of immediate connection with our technical staff, but on a lightly scheduled or an ad hoc basis. Clients can select a once-a-week, bimonthly or monthly schedule for us to remotely connect to their network and perform selected administrative functions. Clients can also select to only connect to our office network if there is a particular need. In either scenario, the client is in control of the connection, and everything is fully visible to them on one of their workstations.

Help Desk & Support Services

For some companies, supporting the end users is not so much fixing things when they break, as it is answering the questions that the users have. Sometimes these questions require a simple answer, sometimes a bit of research before the answer can be made and sometimes the problem will require involving a technician to get a full resolution. AMEX can provide that Help Desk function, either by doing it remotely from our offices or by setting it up and managing it in your offices. We can oversee any portion of the Help desk function that you wish, and be totally seamless in how we interfaced with the rest of your company.

Disaster Recovery

We offer our clients access to one of the most sophisticated data recovery solutions in the nation. We can quickly evaluate the condition of failed media and offer an immediate diagnosis. Many times a full or partial recovery can be implemented right in our depot repair facility but, whenever warranted, we can offer a fully certified clean room facility to take the failed unit to its limits. Turnaround time is exceptionally rapid and your saved data is provided back to you on CD-ROM.

Remote Administration & Maintenance

Amex has the facilities, and the expertise, to remotely administer your network to whatever degree you need. We can offer a suite of performance monitoring solutions that can watch and control the very largest networks, or the very smallest and simplest. Services are geared to addressing your actual needs and can be structured to be completely affordable. From our office we can monitor every aspect of your network, and correct problems as they occur, before they impact your operations. We employ sophisticated monitoring tools, and a staff of highly skilled technicians, to assure you that your needs are continually cared for.

Web Hosting

AMEX has committed itself to offer continued support for its clients’ sites.Once a site has been developed we make sure it is up and running and is working properly. AMEX does not see its role simply as a commodity provider but rather as an A-Z service provider for the Web site client. As part of this vision, we offer our clients the option of in-house hosting on our high-end servers. Our Web hosting services meet the highest industry standards. We make sure your site is continuously operational and is fed through a speedy backbone to the Internet. We offer full power, Internet backbone connection, and storage redundancies.

Training & Documentation

AMEX offers in-office client training on all popular software applications,and provides custom training as required. Custom training can be for specific applications that we author for our clients, or to provide targeted training on a standard application. We offer training on all of the software that we support. Amex provides trainers who are knowledgeable on products they teach, and who are qualified trainers. Training is also available in our corporate offices. Classes are kept small to allow the maximum interaction between instructor and students.